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    Product feed XML or CSV

    GoodyPrice adapts to all feeds produced in XML or CSV format, it simply needs to be encoded in UTF-8.
    If you want to create a feed optimized for GoodyPrice, you will find in the table below the detailed technical characteristics for creating your product feeds.
    The name of the columns and tags doesn't matter ! GoodyPrice will adapt without any problem ! just check that mandatory information is present in your feed and importantly in the proper format.

    Columns / TagsTypeRequiredDetails
    LanguageCountryStringYESLanguage and country of distribution format " langue_PAYS " (fr_FR= French for FRANCE, fr_BE = French for BELGIUM)
    IdProductStringYESUnique product identifier in your system
    GTINNumericYES/NOEAN code: EAN12 / EAN13 (barcodes)
    MPNStringYES/NOManufacturer's reference
    TitleStringYESProduct design : 150 characters max
    DescriptionStringYESProduct description: 250 characters max.
    BrandStringYESBrand, Product Manufacturer : 100 characters max
    PhotoUrlYESUrl of your largest photo minimum 200px by 200px
    PriceNumericYESSelling price, example: 187.65
    PriceBeforeDiscountNumericNOPrice before the promotion (Required to mark a promotion)
    PriceShippingCostNumericYESPostal charges, example: 5.00
    CurrencyCodestringYESUSD, EUR, GBP, UAH, PLN etc...
    StockNumericYES1=yes, 2=no
    UsedNumericYES1=new, 2=used
    CategoryStringYESClothes / woman / jumpers
    LinkUrlYESRe-direction URL
    ProductMarketPlaceNumericNO1=yes, 2=no (2 by default)
    ColorStringNORed, yellow, grey...
    SizeStringNOS, XL, 150X25cm...
    MaterialStringNOCotton, stainless steel, wood...
    DeliveryTimeStringNO100 characters max
    warrantyStringNO100 characters max.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
       <Title>Samsung Galaxy s8+ carbon black</Title>
       <Description>Mixing glass and metal the chassis of the galaxy s8+ gives it a certain elegance</Description>
       <Color>Black carbon</Color>
       <Material>glass and metal</Material>
       <DeliveryTime>Delivery 48H</DeliveryTime>
       <warranty>2-year warranty</warranty>
       Next product...


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